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George started working at e-Merge in June 2017. His induction into the field of IT recruitment was by no means a smooth one. In fact, it was nothing short of a baptism by fire. All involved in the process of interviewing him were not averse to him coming on board (he’s actually a pretty likeable guy) but there was one gigantic flaw in his CV. George had never worked as a recruiter before. Despite having solid experience in the realm of sales, he was yet to master that of recruitment and recruitment couldn’t be further from sales, at least not at e-Merge. He got the job nonetheless and this is how he did it.

A Seed Was Planted

There’s no doubt about it, George is an extrovert and his track record is a testament to that. Getting along with people easily isn’t something you can force and that’s what made him such a strong salesman, The right balance of likability and sincerity is the foundation of recruitment, a friend recognised those qualities in him and suggested a career change. George was faced with one very tough decision to make but a seminal one.

Facing a No

Bright-eyed and full of beans George got the process in motion and nabbed an interview at e-Merge. He saw the possibilities and decided to commit himself to forging a career change. The first interview went well but the second one, not so well. His potential was evident but he needed to be trained on the basics and there was simply no one with the capacity to train him. What was meant to be a new exciting chapter quickly dulled with a two character word – no.

Drawing from previous experience

While most people consider themselves to be realists, George thrives on optimism. In previous positions when faced with a no, George simply found another point of entry. When told ‘you don’t have the necessary experience’, he went out and made damn sure he got that experience. When he returned to that closed door, with a single knock it opened and George got the job he wanted. The way he explains this all makes it seem super easy but it’s definitely not.

Going in For the Kill

Now, craving more, craving a new challenge, he simply refused to take no for an answer – something which takes quite the backbone to do. George insisted he would train himself, call on friends for advice and find all the necessary resources to get up to speed. He turned e-Merge’s no into a yes. Scratch your head all you want, this act of self-assurance and determination sealed the deal and with little to lose George was officiated into the e-Merge family

Teething Problems

Once the contracts had been signed and ink had dried, things got real pretty quickly. George struggled to get into the flow of things, he may have even flailed a bit. With so much to learn, in a high-pressure environment that was nothing if not taxing on a newcomer. We all know those people though, people who seem to be good at everything they touch and never really struggle to get things right? Well, George was one of them and his lesson was one of persistence. He didn’t stop trying, learning and pushing.

Eating Humble Pie

Along with George’s continual persistence, he had to swallow some of the ‘ol humble pie. Recruitment, while it hinges on commission, was different from his previous experience in sales. There was so much more to learn than he had anticipated. At e-Merge we base our entire tactic on honesty and clear communication rather than sales-pitches which serve to treat our candidates like stock to be bought and sold. All in all, it’s a 180˚ shift from selling actual inanimate objects. Luckily George was already a people person with a solid set of *soft skills.

Smashing it

More than a year on we are happy to report that George is still here, still learning and doing better than ever. He recruits within the C# segment of e-Merge and he is regularly ringing the bell, helping good people get good jobs.

The point of this long story is that determination and persistence are as important as your skill set and your experience – if not more important. The extra level of dedication is what pushes you from being good at your job to being great at it. Sure your dedication may go a long way to winning over an employer but ultimately you are actually the winner. No one can take away your hard-earned success and there’s nothing better than sitting back and feeling like you’ve really accomplished something.