What is the coolest place you have been on holiday?

A: Locally, Franschhoek (you can never go wrong with good food and wine), internationally I’d say Rome, the overall experience and history is brilliant and the food and wine isn’t bad either (clearly just feed me and I’ll enjoy anywhere) 

Rugby, cricket, hockey or soccer?

Rugby; action-packed game that offers eye candy and of course the chance to be a part of something that provides that warm fuzzy feeling when everyone comes together to support the boys 

If you were going to open a South African restaurant in London what would you call it?

Denial, it’s always been a personal joke between a friend and I (“when somebody calls and asks where you are, and your response is “I’m in Denial”), it’s quite fitting when you’ve had a couple of drinks 

What’s your favourite Jozi coffee shop?

Melt Nicolway, best cuppa in town 

If you could go back in time, when would you visit and why?

70s, great music and a time when life seemed much more simple 

What is your nickname at home?

Nunu, Noonzel, Moose, Mushball 

What was your first job?

Handing out pamphlets at robots, oh the joys of student life 

How did you ‘E-merge’ here?

The e-Mergians were looking, a friend referred me and I haven’t looked back since, I’m basically part of the furniture now with my 5 year anniversary coming up

 Who is the craziest in the office?

Liza – top biller, super mom, health freak, with the best hyena laugh around J it’s basically a requirement –  in order to join e-Merge you need to be a little on the crazy side or else you just won’t make it 

Who is disciplinarian in the office?

It’s a tough call between Janice and Mavis, they have each had their fair share of chats with the naughty ones, they are basically our office moms 

What is next on your bucket list?

To travel the towns of Italy, rent an old school red fiat convertible and live like a local 

Boerie roll or burger?

Boerie roll for sure with extra caramelised onions, and good mix of butter, mustard and tomato sauce 

What is the first thing you would do if you won the Lotto?

The responsible Michelle says pay everything off cash and invest a big chunk, but the dreamer in me says get on a jet to anywhere with friends and live the dream 

Who is your champion?

It’s the expected answer; but has to be my mom, stage 4 cancer survivor and all round legend, close behind is Olly my 2kg Yorkie prince that is such a treat to come home to every day 

Does your personality match your star sign?

Yes all too well; why is “patience” a virtue? Why can’t “hurry up” be a virtue?   – Aries people are impatient J

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