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Get to Know a Little More About Garth Zoutendyk

So now and then we like to talk to each other. You know, find out who we are working with and hopefully learn something new. Today we decided to pull aside specialist Java and JEE recruiter; Garth Zoutendyk, give him a cuppa and pick his brain. Spoiler alert; it’s...

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The World’s Oldest Software Bugs

When it comes to software developing and engineering, bugs are par for the course. Most developers are as comfortable with bugs as Tarzan is with apes and in most cases, the bugs are quickly detected and dealt with by other heroic ‘bug-squashing’ developers and...

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Meet the Team: Coffee with Keri

How did you join e-Merge? Durban wasn’t doing it for me so I decided Jo-burg would; I happened to find a home with the E-Mergians and I haven’t looked back since. Why doesn’t McDonalds sell hot dogs? They only have round buns, even the sausages are round. What is your...

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How to handle conflict in your team

You may be surprised to discover that the most innovative, productive and creative teams aren’t the ones where harmony resides. The ability to disagree, and have robust, challenging debates is essential to problem solving and progress. Learn the ground rules to keep these discussions productive and successful.

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What is the future of software development?

As software eats the world, the demand for skilled developers is on the increase, but it takes more than code alone to get ahead. Software’s rapid development means far greater responsibilities for software engineers. Staying focused on the future and what’s hot and...

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Why Dev’s hate recruiters!

First off, let’s disclaim that not all recruiters are created equal – some are way worse than others!  In the weird and wonderful world of IT, weeding out the recruitment ‘haves’ from the ‘have-nots’ is a lot easier thanks to the very specific needs and skills...

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What Makes Good Code?

Any developer will tell you that, like men, not all code is created equal. There are certain characteristics that make some code better than others.  Phil Johnson, Editor of IT World, put the question “what makes good code” out on online discussion forums and from the...

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Windows Hosting vs Linux Hosting – what’s your poison?

In a contest of Linux vs Windows, who would win? What are the differences between Linux hosting and Windows hosting and is one option better than the other? Both Linux and Windows differ in compatibility and functionality.  The main difference between them lies in the...

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How to Overcome Interview Jitters

No doubt, most of you have been through at least one interview in your life, which means you’re likely familiar with the dreaded interview jitters!  The kind of jitters that keep you awake all night before the interview, that make you stub your toe on the way out of...

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Top developer blogs worth following

While there’s a glutton of good, not so good and downright horrible software development blogs out there, there are a handful of great ones. The blogs we’ve picked are all International sites, and try as we did even Google wasn’t able to help us find any local South...

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What every great programmer should know

 So, you’re a good programmer then?  But are you a great one?  Let’s have a look at some veterans of the coding game’s views of the top five things they wish they’d known when they started out, and give suggestions that will take you from a good to a great programmer....

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Is there really such a thing as Ethical Hacking?

Gone are the days when ‘hacking’ was something your Mom used to pray you’d never do when you told her you were going to be a Developer. Hackers (in the bad sense) still exist of course, but Ethical Hackers now play a crucial role in the IT space, turning hacking into...

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Top Tips for Dealing with a Lazy Colleague

We all know that guy who somehow always manages to evade finishing his work, right?  They’re out the door faster than your manager can ask “who has extra capacity?”  The dude who always has ‘already bought tickets to the new Star Wars movie’ or has his kid’s ‘flute...

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