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How Does Benchmarking Affect the Hiring Process?

There are certain aspects of the hiring process which candidates are seldom privy to - one of them being the practice of benchmarking. Benchmarking sounds a lot more like something accountants use graphs for but it is a well-known practice in recruitment. What is...

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The Rise of the Introvert

Is something missing from your team? You’re looking for someone with ‘that thing’. Someone who buckles down and gets the job done, someone who is a great leader, a great listener, someone who can innovate and be productive. This does sound like a mythical creature but...

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The 5 Most Important Steps to Onboarding New Employees

One of the most overlooked HR practices is that of onboarding new staff. Office tours, introductions and orientation procedures may seem trivial but in reality, they are pivotal steps which ultimately impact your companies’ ability to retain new employees. It doesn’t...

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Just Be Better – Be as Professional as You Can be

In a previous article, we discussed the imposter syndrome; it’s a common affliction which leaves the sufferer with persistent feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. It’s not always easy to put those feelings to rest but by addressing how best we can conduct ourselves...

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Top 5 Teamwork No-Nos

Sure enough, not all developers work in teams but those who do need to know how to navigate this tricky interpersonal minefield. Teamwork requires the ability to successfully draw on all of your soft skills for the greater good of the team. The most basic premise of...

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The Top 5 Most Important Soft Skills for Developers

The term soft skills belittles the importance thereof. Soft skills aren’t quantifiable and they are only really learned through experience and even then there is an art to learning how to apply them. You can have as many programming certificates as your heart desires;...

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How to Maintain Integrity in Your Job Search

The words integrity and ambition are rarely seen in the same sentence. The thing is, they don’t have to be mutually exclusive. There’s no need to be shady while you’re climbing the ladder and even less so when you’re looking for a job – unless you want to make enemies...

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Are You Fighting Imposter Syndrome?

Previously we’ve discussed impostor candidates, people who speak themselves up to the point of deception. They call it the Dunning-Kruger effect and its far from an admired trait. The opposite of this however is known as the impostor syndrome. Marred by persistent...

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Why Should You Complete Your Pre-Interview Skills Test?

Whether you are just starting out or you are a high calibre candidate, you are bound to be asked to complete a pre-interview skills test at some point when you are applying for jobs. If you’ve read the other blog post in this series, you will be well informed as to...

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Avoid the Robot Recruiter

There is a certain approach to recruitment which just really gives recruiters a bad name. It’s that old mechanical conveyor belt system, we call them robot recruiters which is polite seeing as they are just bad recruiters. Recruiters who are forced to spend excessive...

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Check Yourself: Are You an Impostor Candidate?

As recruiters, we often come across candidates who are just so smooth, so slick and so together. Every so often though; not all is as it seems. The lighting is good and the makeup is on point… but those Instagram models are just not who they say they are. They have...

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Why South Africa Needs Grassroots Graduate Programmes

South Africa has a burgeoning unemployment problem but still so many hiring managers argue that they are struggling to find candidates with the skills that they need. Sure some skills are unique but it’s time to look at this entire scenario from a different angle....

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To Upskill or Not to Upskill

Developers will forever be at the mercy of ever-changing technology; be it hardware, software or firmware. Naturally, this leaves you at a disadvantage if you are unable to keep up. The trick to ensuring continual growth is to see learning and upskilling as an...

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A Day in the Life of a Recruiter

It’s no secret that recruiters; not unlike real estate agents, are amongst the least loved professionals. Perceptions of scavenging are not only rife but also largely inaccurate. At e-Merge we are working hard to counter these attitudes by offering a specialist...

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Don’t Forget Your Pre-Interview Research

Ever made the mistake of not researching a company before you go for an interview there? If you have, you will realise what a hideous oversight it is. There’s nothing worse than interviewing a candidate who doesn’t even know what the company does. Worse still; knowing...

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Adapt or Die: Part Three, Hiring for Innovation

In part one of the Adapt or Die blog series we discussed how companies that hung on to outdated technology, lost market share to more agile competitors. In part two we analysed the companies that have flourished in the face of the ever-changing technological landscape...

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Is Staff Retention a Dirty Word in Your Office?

If there’s one thing we know about your employees it’s that they are valuable and staff retention policies are an absolute must if you want to lead a successful team. You want to hang on to them not only because hiring new employees is both time consuming and costly,...

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