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The Ultimate Answer to the Salary Question

Recruiters never skip the opportunity to ask that hideous open-ended question about your salary expectations. It’s no wonder this tricky subject strikes horror in the guts of seasoned experts, they go in cold and instantly turn the thermostat up to 40˚. It’s nothing...

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The Broken Telephone – HR Versus the Line Manager

If you’ve ever gone through the job acquisition pipeline you’ll know that it can be smooth or it can be a mess. The more people involved in the process, the more convoluted, stressful and often illogical it is. When your CV has to land on the desks of any number of...

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Preparing for the Year Ahead With Philosophy

Whether you have decided to bust out or hang in there at your current job and workplace, you need to prepare yourself for the year ahead. In 2018 polony tried to kill you and it goes without saying that there will be something equally sinister in 2019. Your trials...

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New Year, New Job: How to Get a New Job in January

You arrive at work on the first day of the new year; full of ambition, beaming with excitement for the year ahead… but instead, you walk into an office stale with disappointment and mismanagement. Nothing kills your drive quite like the sheer misery of a soul-crushing...

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The Rules of Office Etiquette

Just when you think you’ve elegantly smashed the mysterious office culture, you come to realise that you aren’t the golden child of the office. There always are and always will be some bad habits you need to guard against in the event that someone is offended, put off...

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The 5 Best Gifts to Give a Developer This Christmas

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, giving gifts is just fun. These gadgets will be cool for a while, so you can even hang onto these great gift ideas beyond 2019. The best part of giving gadgets as gifts is that for the most part; technology transcends the...

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How to Save South African SMMEs

With all the information we have about SMMEs so far, there’s no doubt as to how important they are for South Africa. Aiding the economy, improving the unemployment rate and potential for innovation on South African soil is just the tip of the iceberg. There are...

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Why South Africa Needs SMMEs

Upon cutting through the fluffy stuff and discussing why South Africa loves SMMEs, its time to discuss in more depth why South Africa needs SMMEs. They aren’t going away and nor should they. The potential for the growth of SMMEs in South Africa is huge and the...

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Why South Africa Loves SMMEs

SMMEs, or small medium and micro enterprises are an incredibly important sector of South Africa’s economy; which is why we love them. Sadly, SMMEs remain underestimated and largely a misunderstood contributor to our GDP. Those in the know however see their value – it...

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How to Start a Family and Maintain Your Career

Planned or unplanned, the time comes when many, if not most of us give in to our most basic urges and breed. While the act of procreation may sound fun at the time, the repercussions of such folly are quickly realised once nappy changing and sleepless nights commence....

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How to be a Mentor

When you get to that point in your career that you have to start fielding mentorship requests, you may well be caught by surprise. Sure it’s a compliment but don’t let it get to your head, don’t pass up the opportunity either. It may seem daunting at first but it will...

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How to Find a Mentor

People seek out mentors to find ways to direct their career growth. By soaking up the advice of an industry veteran instead of learning certain lessons the hard way, a mentee can climb the ladder with (hopefully) a little more comfort along the way. The right...

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How to Plan Your Career if You’ve Just Graduated

In a previous article, we discussed some of the key factors in planning your career. It’s a tough topic, even for industry veterans. This week however, we are looking specifically at the factors that influence a graduate’s job search. When you are fresh out of...

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How to Plan Your Career

We discuss career paths with candidates every day in an effort to better understand what it is that they need to do to grow their careers. It is a complex, multifaceted topic which sends even the most talented, experienced and influential developers into confusion....

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Should You Quit Your Job Before December Holidays?

Quitting your job at any time of the year is nerve-wracking. Quitting your job ahead of the festive season is even worse. There are so many things to think about, will you have the same autonomy? Will your colleagues be cool or lame? Will the actual job match the...

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What to do Before Quitting Your Job

Navigating professional relationships is never easy - unless you’re some kind of business savant. We would all love to summon our inner Richard Branson on the regular, even if it’s just to look good in a meeting. More than impressing our bosses though, we actually...

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How to Fire a Client or Leave a Job

When you finally reach breaking point and you know its time to move on but you don’t know exactly what to say, you need to read this. Firing a client is akin to breaking up with a partner – it's awkward and the most unfun you can have outside of month end grocery...

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Before you Fire a Client or Leave a Job, Do This

With the current business environment as competitive as it is, few people and fewer companies are willing to fire a troublesome client. When it comes down to revenue, it’s accepted far and wide that whatever kind of business you are involved in; whether it’s a full...

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When to Consider Firing a Client or Your Boss

Client relationships can be difficult at the best of times. If you’re an independent developer or you run a development shop, you will always put in situations which make you feel uncomfortable or just plain press your buttons. We all have our boundaries and pet...

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What Causes Job Burnout?

Regardless of our job title, there is always more to do; more emails to reply to, more meetings to attend and more clients to attend to. In the previous article about burnout, we discussed what burnout actually is. In this article, we are going to tackle the causes....

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What is Job Burnout?

As the last quarter rolls around many people are beginning to feel that old discomfort; job burnout What is job burnout though? Those who have never experienced it may struggle to identify with the symptoms and consequences of burnout, but it really is a thing and...

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