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What Should A Software Developer Wear to a Job Interview?

So you have an interview set up for your dream development job in your dream company. You are already worrying about getting there on time, what questions might crop up and how technical their questions might be… and then you start to worry about what to wear too.

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13 of the strangest places developers have written code

Proving that you really can work from anywhere, here are some of the most unusual places software developers have found themselves programming. This article, by Phil Johnson appeared on IT World. These days thanks to laptops, mobile devices and seemingly ubiquitous...

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AI poses no threat to IT careers

This article by Beverley Head appeared in ComputerWeekly.com. A SolarWinds survey reveals that IT professionals are more concerned with cyber security than losing their jobs to artificial intelligence. IT professionals remain unfazed by any existential threat that...

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How to manage people, and do it well

Managing people is an art and it’s not something we’re born knowing how to do. Some people might take to managing people more naturally than others, but generally they too have to learn what works and what doesn’t through trial and error. As a techie type of person...

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Starting your first job? Here’s how not to hate it

Are you a millennial starting your first job in the big, beautiful world of software development, coding, or IT in general? Feeling daunted by the prospect?  We thought so. If you ask your parents (or any adult for that matter) they probably don’t have great memories...

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Get to Know a Little More About Garth Zoutendyk

So now and then we like to talk to each other. You know, find out who we are working with and hopefully learn something new. Today we decided to pull aside specialist Java and JEE recruiter; Garth Zoutendyk, give him a cuppa and pick his brain. *Spoiler alert; it’s...

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The World’s Oldest Software Bugs

When it comes to software developing and engineering, bugs are par for the course. Most developers are as comfortable with bugs as Tarzan is with apes and in most cases, the bugs are quickly detected and dealt with by other heroic ‘bug-squashing’ developers and...

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