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Carte Blanche Blues? Beat them with these 4 handy tips

The absolute freedom of a Saturday to yourself. And then, Sunday. It starts off alright. A little weekend lie-in, a few light chores. But as the afternoon drags on, the Sunday Blues creep in. Your anxiety grows, as Monday looms large. And then, the official signal of the end of the weekend: The dreaded Carte Blanche theme music. The week-end death knell.

The Ultimate Answer to the Salary Question

Recruiters never skip the opportunity to ask that hideous open-ended question about your salary expectations. It’s no wonder this tricky subject strikes horror in the guts of seasoned experts, they go in cold and instantly turn the thermostat up to 40˚. It’s nothing...

The Rules of Office Etiquette

Just when you think you’ve elegantly smashed the mysterious office culture, you come to realise that you aren’t the golden child of the office. There always are and always will be some bad habits you need to guard against in the event that someone is offended, put off...

How to Save South African SMMEs

With all the information we have about SMMEs so far, there’s no doubt as to how important they are for South Africa. Aiding the economy, improving the unemployment rate and potential for innovation on South African soil is just the tip of the iceberg. There are...

Why South Africa Needs SMMEs

Upon cutting through the fluffy stuff and discussing why South Africa loves SMMEs, its time to discuss in more depth why South Africa needs SMMEs. They aren’t going away and nor should they. The potential for the growth of SMMEs in South Africa is huge and the...

Why South Africa Loves SMMEs

SMMEs, or small medium and micro enterprises are an incredibly important sector of South Africa’s economy; which is why we love them. Sadly, SMMEs remain underestimated and largely a misunderstood contributor to our GDP. Those in the know however see their value – it...

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