About e-Merge

Starting off as a small 2-man recruiting agency in 1999, e-Merge IT Recruitment has grown to a formidable force in the IT Recruitment Industry in South Africa today. Based in Bryanston and employing over 27 people, e-Merge continues to grow their unique model of IT recruitment with 7 specialist silos being fully developed and functional with new IT markets constantly being evaluated and considered as potential growth areas.

With a focus on being a service agency in addition to a recruiting solution, e-Merge offers strategic and targeted placements.

As a Level 4 BEE company, we pride ourselves on our integrity, service orientation and knowledge application to build the best options for clients and candidates alike.

Everything we do is measured, focused with constant prioritising for the best candidate and client experience and placement.

A core belief for the team is that our role is to give people options – whether Client or Candidate, we facilitate informed choice. We are not trying to fit square pegs in round holes but rather providing a holistic service, matching people, personalities and technical skills for a win situation for all parties.

Why Choose e-Merge?

Since its inception in 1999 e-Merge has continued to successfully carve its niche in the recruitment industry and more specifically in the realm of IT and developer recruitment. With so many years of experience its only natural that we have come to bear an intimate knowledge of the industry, its trends and the technology it comes with.

We know that a developer is not just a developer. Whether you code in C# or Java; if you’re an analyst or data scientist; if you’re on the SQL Server or the mobile development train – we get it. We understand these intricacies and we still take the time to understand you. What are your skills and personality traits? More importantly what are your needs?

This is the essential information required in order to find a long-term solution to your career needs. This is exactly why we have no need for aggressive sales tactics. Honesty, integrity, empathy, attention to detail and mentorship are the foundation on which e-Merge was built; and after so many years that’s not about to change.

So again we ask, what is it that you need?


Experiential Growth

You too can work on exciting projects


Financial Growth

Find out what you are really worth


Career Growth

Plan your career and grow with it


A Better Quality of Life

If you’re sick of traffic and looking for more flexibility


Job Security

Work for a business that's thriving


Cool Company Culture

Find an environment which echoes your ideals

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