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For more than 20 years, we’ve been crafting our niche, representing SA’s highest-calibre IT professionals, and introducing them to the country’s top tech employers. (We’re extremely proud of our reputation for matching ambitious clients, with extraordinary talent.)

If you’re looking for a great new job in IT, we’re waiting for your CV!


In this (volatile) era of “new normal”, winning companies are relying on exceptional talent, able to thrive and deliver, under highly-fluid, unusual and disruptive circumstances. They’re looking for agile, adaptable skills, shared values and watertight culture fits. Hiring processes are accelerating, and employers have a quality pool to choose from. With our impressive track-record and an enviable portfolio of Top Candidates we’re ready for that party. You bring the music.


We get our serious buzz from happy candidates; those ones who phone us up in the middle of the night, to say “thanks again, I love my new job!”.

Our reputation is built on giving clients and candidates options; informed choices, rather than a “one size fits all” approach to developer jobs, and our candidates appreciate the time and patience our specialist team takes to understand their personal and career goals, and to match those goals with our clients’ cultures, values and tech ambitions.

Are you looking for new options?

From C# to JAVA, business analyst to data scientist, if you’re awesome, we’ll find you an amazing new challenge. If you know your goals, and are clear about what gets you out of bed in the morning, it’s time to meet our team, and your industry champion.

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A proud Level 1 BEE company.

Why Choose e-Merge?

Since its inception in 1999 e-Merge has continued to successfully carve its niche in the recruitment industry and more specifically in the realm of IT and developer recruitment. With so many years of experience its only natural that we have come to bear an intimate knowledge of the industry, its trends and the technology it comes with.

We know that a developer is not just a developer. Whether you code in C# or Java; if you’re an analyst or data scientist; if you’re on the SQL Server or the mobile development train – we get it. We understand these intricacies and we still take the time to understand you. What are your skills and personality traits? More importantly what are your needs?

This is the essential information required in order to find a long-term solution to your career needs. This is exactly why we have no need for aggressive sales tactics. Honesty, integrity, empathy, attention to detail and mentorship are the foundation on which e-Merge was built; and after so many years that’s not about to change.

So again we ask, what is it that you need?


Experiential Growth

You too can work on exciting projects


Financial Growth

Find out what you are really worth


Career Growth

Plan your career and grow with it


A Better Quality of Life

If you’re sick of traffic and looking for more flexibility


Job Security

Work for a business that's thriving


Cool Company Culture

Find an environment which echoes your ideals

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