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Are you a “gadget person”? What’s your favourite?

Surprisingly no but, I love my phone and the features in it …I think I`ve explored almost everything it can do ….

I would love to get myself  a drone though one of these days , I really dig those things.

Beatles or Rolling Stones?

Beatles …only because I have to chose one …to be honest I don’t know much about either …ask  me another question.

How did you ‘E-merge’ here?

I am “Pinky”, E-merge is “the Brain” and we both want to take over the world …and so we joined forces. That’s only half the story.

What is the funniest thing you would do to prove you’re South African?

I was born in Soweto and  grew up in Alexandra and I am still here …that’s proof enough.

What is your nickname at home?

Bobo, but only my family calls me by that name and its usually after payday.

If your mother was going to change one thing about you, what would it be?

Mmmmh ….. I would be a daughter who`s married to a rich man , a man who loves his in-laws especially his mother in law – you get where this is going yeah ?

What is the most important tip you could give a younger developer looking for a job?

A qualification is not enough, the guys who are getting  hired are the ones who have done a lot of self-development and upskilling, they are also hobbyists and their passion goes beyond what they have on paper.

What was your first car?

Bought myself a VW Beetle, it was Air-cooled, what that means is that the engine doesn’t use any water …at all …except when you wash it. That’s really cool

What is your favourite flavour of ice-cream?

I would definitely say rum and raisins much to my mother’s disappointment, she thinks that’s where my drinking started.

Were you one of those people that LOVED school?

Yes definitely, I would do anything to go back to my high school days…those were the happiest days of my life…and the most expensive for my parents.

If the house caught fire, what would you grab first?

The hose pipe ?

What’s the most embarrassing recruiter moment you’ve had?

I had a walk-in candidate (Senior) who didn’t have a hard copy of his CV with him but had his USB. We went into one of the interview rooms with my laptop in hand so he could mail me the  CV, one of the folders was labelled ”work documents”  to both our surprise when he opened the folder it was everything but “work documents” ….it was very explicit adult material …I think he was more embarrassed than me …understandably so

Brothers & sisters?

What about them ?

Banana on pizza?

No …definitely not – Pineapple on Pizza …yes please